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Hardiman – Avery for Governor
State of Illinois

Hardiman & Avery have a vision for Illinois where equality fosters prosperity, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

"20/20 Vision"

 "Young People – At Risk Communities – Poverty – LGBTQ – Developmentally Disable – Veterans – Workers Rights – Poor Class – Livable Wage – Women’s Rights – Union – Education Reform – Environmental – Humane Society – Middle Class – Restorative Justice – Students – Homeless – Small Business – Famers - College Students – Mothers – Educational Institutes – Fathers –  Senior Citizens – Mental Illness – Working Class – Health Care…"

Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Tio Hardiman


--- Chief Executive Director of Violence Interrupters, NFP.

--- Criminal Justice Adjunct Professor at Governor State University and North Park University .

--- Previous Gubernatorial Candidate. 

--- Previous Director of CeaseFire Illinois.

--- Community Life Relations Specialist and Acting Director.

--- Leader of Diversity Programs, Human Society of the United States.

--- Master’s Degree in Inner City Studies.

--- Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts.



--- Secured close to 30% of the state vote in the 2014 Illinois Gubernatorial Election.

--- The creator, developer, and designer of the critically acclaimed Violence  Interrupters Initiative stopping violence on the "front end." 

--- Previous Director of Cease Fire’s nationwide solution for reducing violence, killings, and shooting in over 50% in communities.

--- Secured, managed, and balanced a budget of over $50 million dollars in funding from donors.

--- Conducts violence solution  trainings Statewide.

--- National credibility as a Community  Liaison implementing proven solutions to improving problematic areas, neighborhoods, cities and visits with citizens to increase crime awareness and prevention.

--- Specialist in researching, studying and developing solutions for issues that affect urban areas.

--- Intergovernmental affairs.


The Violence Interrupters Model has been replicated in 15 Chicago communities, 7 cities in Illinois, 15 cities nationwide, England, Iraq, and South Africa. Organized more than 100 block clubs to strategize community plans for public safety on behalf of Chicago Alliance for Neighborhood Safety.

20/20 vision

Balanced Budget and Deficit Reduction

Levying a tax on transactions at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Board of Operations Exchange and introducing a progressive income tax of 7 – 10 percent on incomes $250,000 or more. Hardiman-Avery also believe in budget discipline that reduces our deficit.  


Proven and documented solutions to unjust treatment of all people and things. Over 30 years of combined experience advocating on the front lines with those speaking out against discrimination and fighting for equal rights.

Violence Reduction and Prison Reform

Increase funding to programs with current proven solutions to decreasing crime, and killings by over 50% in many neighborhoods throughout Illinois. Implement. Restorative Justice Models to end the school-to-prison-pipeline, and decrease recidivism by converting some prisons into institute of Higher Learning, and decriminalizing recreational use of marijuana with age restrictions.  

Economic Development

Advancing the Development of Minority and Women Entrepreneurship's (ADME) by aiming to pair business owners or startups with economic education, mentors, and access to financing, as well as increasing SBA HubZones. 

Illinois Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate




Illinois Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate  Patricia Avery

  • Current Executive Director of Champaign - Urbana Area Project, youth and family services. 
  • Recent past President of NAACP Champaign County Branch
  • First woman, African American and Democrat to serve as County Board Chairman. 
  • Elected as County Commissioner.
  • First African American Woman to hold County Office position as Champaign County Recorder of Deeds.
  • Appointed to serve as Illinois African American Families Commissioner. 
  • Maintained a balanced budget of $80 million dollars and a healthy surplus.
  • Passed the first living wage legislation for all county employees. 


Patricia Avery looks forward to leveraging her experience and her passion to UPLIFT ILLINOIS!